It’s quite common for athletics or muscle-obsessed people to include performance enhancing drugs in their diet plans in order to speed up the process of building lean muscle mass and increase endurance. One such drug is the Stenabolic (SR9009) which has tremendous effects on health.

Even if you do not belong to the body-building industry, it can be an undisputed addition to your diet supplements. You might consider this as any other SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator), but NO. It is one of the synthetic drugs, which was originally manufactured for the purpose to study the circadian rhythm and also treat senile onset muscle wasting disorders like sarcopenia.

In addition to its positive effects on endurance, anxiety and inflammation, SR9009 mimics the incredible benefits of exercise on your bodies. Wondering what that implies? Now, you can lose weight and tone down your body even when you are snoozing.

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Mechanism of action

As mentioned above, the core action of Stenabolic is on our circadian rhythm. Human bodies are designed to function in a coordinated manner of 24- hour cycles, with bouts of feeling highs and lows. This pattern is known as the circadian rhythm.  A group of genes are switched on and off during each 24 hour cycle. The CLOCK and BMAL1 genes are turned on, in return switching on PER and CRY. PER/CRY switch off the CLOCK/BMAL1 and restart the whole process.

Another pair of proteins is the REV-ERBs, and this stabilizes the cycle by turning BMAL1 off, altering the activity and rest patterns. These pairs of proteins are activated by the iron containing compound within the red blood cells of our body – the heme. SR9009 is REV-ERB agonists and has high affinity for their receptors.


The REV-ERB agonist is not only beneficial to the body-building industry, but there are other various benefits of the drug like increases stamina, reduces weight, controls cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which have been discussed below.

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  1. Fatigue is a serious concern for the athletics as the continuous, exhausting trainings take a toll on their health, making them feel drained, reducing concentration which leads to long rest breaks. For such occasions, athletics usually seek relief in caffeinated drinks or steroids, but this comes with a price of addiction. With Stenabolic, the risk is eliminated and focus is improved, making the person more alert.
  2. Bioavailability of SR9009 is quite high which means most of the drug taken is absorbed inside the body and can be used for the desired actions. This reduces the frequency of dosing.
  3. Stenabolic speeds up the fat burning process by allowing more usage of stored fat for energy expenditure. This reduces triglyceride levels in the body and prevents various cardiac and cerebral diseases.
  4. Our liver could be considered as the production house of fat and glucose. Stenabolic switches off the genes responsible for glucose production. We all know excess glucose/sugar is the prime component that gets converted to fat and stored.
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Effectively burns fat

In today’s modern era, people’s consumption of fast food, saturated fats are prevailing. Along with sedentary lifestyles, people succumb to obesity and its associated diseases. Fortunately, Stenabolic can help combat the issues related to weight gain and anyone can acquire their desired body shape. Variation in the circadian rhythm also triggers reactions in the liver and skeletal muscles to increase the speed of mitochondrial production, allowing more aerobic respiration and speeding up metabolism rate.

Combats dyslipidemia

Abnormally high lipid levels in the body is one of main risk factors for vascular diseases like atherosclerosis, which simply means narrowing blood flow to a particular area. In fact, this can lead to heart attack and stroke. SR9009 can, miraculously, decrease triglycerides and cholesterol levels. However, it does not have any effect on good cholesterol levels –HDL. Stenabolic also improves heart function and can reduce blood pressure.

 Prevents depression

By activating REV-ERB, the drug changes sleep/wake patterns. This means users can be more alert during most part of the day and can enjoy deep sleep at night. Furthermore, this maintains a good mental health and combats varieties of sleep-related problems and depression.

Improves stamina

Stenabolic increases the mitochondrial production in muscle cells by altering the function of relevant genes. This enhances the strength and stamina of the user, allowing long periods of training sessions and physical activity. New mitochondria mean rapid recovery of the body from heavy work outs.

Rapid healing

Stenabolic reduces inflammation along with tissue scarring. In the fitness world, injuries like ankle sprains, muscle pains are usual associated problems but the healing property of Stenabolic acts as a savior for athletics as they wouldn’t require much time for their recovery. Meanwhile, they can spend more time training their lean muscle mass.

Adverse effects

There are no documented side effects of Stenabolic. Owing to its mode of action, the drug has no hormonal actions on the body; neither testosterone nor estrogen is activated and hence it has no androgenic effect on the body. Hence, SR9009 is completely safe for both the genders. Unlike steroids or SARMs, women do not need to worry about any masculine effects on their bodies.

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Dose schedule

At present, there is still no recommended dose for humans. In addition, all the primary data have been collected from animal research. However, according to some online forums connected to fitness world, the half-life of Stenabolic is 4 hours and recommended ideal dose is 10 to 40 mg thrice daily. Most scholars prefer taking SR9009 before work out sessions or during breakfast, but it goes with all meals.


In simpler terms, Stenabolic has the same overall effects on the body as regular exercise. Therefore, even with moderate physical activity, you can achieve your desired weight. In fact, SR9009 can benefit anyone willing to shed extra kilos or looking forward to gain lean muscle mass. Stenabolic has the all positive actions on the body with virtually non-existent side effects, but as for any other drug, users must not exceed the recommended dose.

SR9009 Review
  • Burns fat
  • Improves stamina
  • Rapid healing
  • Build Lean Muscle

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